A Visitor Comes a Calling


San Clemente 1.13.2014 010We had the gate open while we were doing something and a little chicken happened to stop by for a visit. Not afraid of us and very interested in checking out every nook and cranny, under the beds and even looked like he was going to jump up on the table. After a while the novelty wore off and he found his way out to the porch and back to the neighbor’s yard.

7 thoughts on “A Visitor Comes a Calling

  1. This cracks me up! Oh! Chickens! We have a chicken sitting on eggs on our porch. Ron and our neighbor found 23 tiny chicks yesterday that had just hatched and our neighbor gathered them up in her t-shirt and took them into her house so they will be safe from predators. AND, the weirdest thing…we walked into the house and a chicken was sleeping on our couch nestled among the pillows. They are either really curious or really stupid, I haven’t figured which, yet. lol

  2. Hi Folks,
    We are retired and are coming to Ecuador in April. We have a great Consular General here in BC Canada. He has helped us with our visas and we are looking at Puerto Lopez. We have been following your blog and want to be far away from Expat communities. We have a small pug named Sophie. Could you recommend a place to stay while we look for a small house to rent. We are looking forward to meeting you both and sharing a few Pilseners and prawns. Trisha really thinks you should start a recipe site. Can’t wait to meet you both.
    Don & Trisha

    • Hi Don and Trisha, The last time we were in Puerto Lopez was over three years ago, but I am sure both Hotel Pacifico http://www.hotelpacificoecuador.com/ and Itapoa http://www.hosteltrail.com/hostels/hosteriaitapoa would be a good choice. April is off season so you really should not have a problem finding a room. I know that there are expats living in Puerto Lopez you may want to join some of the Expat Pages on Facebook, like Expat Women of Ecuador, ECUADOR EXPAT´S SWAP, Ruta del Sol Mates,,,,,you should find some folks that have more current knowledge of Lopez than we do and pick their brains. Good luck, N

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