Bamboo Shades

Joe and I have seen these beautiful bamboo shades at Hotel San Jacinto. I would love to find someone to make these beauties for us.

San Clemente 1.26.2014 002We ended up purchasing other bamboo shades (photo below) for our porch, they are nice but would prefer to have the above heavy-duty ones. Between the sun, sand and wind the pull cords on one of them has already frayed. Anyone knowing where to buy these heavy-duty shades let me know, we are in the market.

San Clemente 1.2.2014 006

18 thoughts on “Bamboo Shades

    • Hi Susan, I have bamboo shades from Mi Commisariato but within a month the pull cord have frayed and the shade does not function any longer. I have purchased new cord and am going to attempt to re-string it, I will let you know how that goes. Lisa from Jama has suggested buying the material and having someone make them for me…I am going to ask around and see if anyone has done that around here..I will let you know what I find out. Nancy

  1. Amiga, you can buy those flat sections of split bambo/canya on the edge of charapoto… the lumberyard always has several bundles of palm thatch (cade) stacked at the entrance by the highway.

    from your photo, it looks like those sections are linked together, and i’m betting there’s someone nearby who can make that for you if you buy the pre-split canya.

    the people that sell the canya in charapoto might know who can help you!


    • Lisa, I am going to check this out, someone here must do this or have a working knowledge of shade making…I will let you know what I find out…The shades at the hotel are very rustic and look great. Nancy

  2. Hello,
    I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer ( Gambia 1970-71 )looking to connect with any current or past PC Volunteers who served in either Ecuador, Honduras, Belize or The Gambia from any time period. I will be travelling to Ecuador on Feb. 7, 2014 for two weeks and wish to learn about current sustainability projects there ( or in any of the above-mentioned countries ) that are looking for volunteers and’or are willing to pay me some wages..
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    Bob Connors
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    • Hi Bob, I have posted your comment regarding the Peace Corps in its entirety, I hope you get some responses. Where is Canaan, NY. I was born in Carbondale, PA not to far from the NY border. Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Hunter Douglas has outdoor sun shades, Im not sure it they have natural bamboo though. here are some of the designs: and here is the Ecuador website.

    I’m looking to get something like these for my house too, but first i have to check on the price as it may be a little expensive.

    Dan (from Salinas and GYE)

    • Hi Dan, not sure that I have ever seen Hunter Douglas sold here. I am looking for shades to use on the outside of the house to shade the setting sun from hitting our porch and front of our house. I think Lisa’s suggestion of purchasing the bamboo and having someone put them together for us may be possible. Is your house finished? I have been watching the progress and it looks like you were pretty close last time I saw a post. Nancy

      • Yes, my house is finished now (minus the dining room table), there are some pictures on facebook. I bet you could find someone to make those bamboo shades as your friend recommended. bamboo, twine, a machete, some pulleys, a cleat to tie it off on when raised, a few pilsners and you are all set!

        • Dan, I am so happy for you. I am going to see if Jose at Hotel San Jacinto knows who made his, they are truly wonderful. Nancy

  4. If re-stringing an existing shade, use nylon cord. Do not use cotton as it will fray out again.

    After the shade is restrung, pull the shade to its highest position and use a small piece of soap to wax the cord. This will help it slide thru the channel and also prevent rust to the metal catch and release mechanism.

    I can buy spooled, nylon twine available in garden sections of home improvement stores. Have much the same type of weather here in Oregon – lots of rain.

    • Hi Pat, thanks for the info. I did find some nice nylon twine that is much better than what came on the blinds. I love the idea of the wax to help it slide up and down. We have so much salt in the air that things get funky really fast. Nancy

  5. Hi Nancy
    I just came across your blog through some posting you did today. I find it very interesting and reading along I found your interest to get maybe some muyuyo fences or shades. I know a guy who is so good in making lamps, chairs, windows, mirrors, anything you ask. He lives in San Antonio, close to Manglaralto. His name is Silvino and his number is 0985448493. I wish I can help him and his beautiful skills more.
    Maria del Carmen from
    The Sea Garden House, Olon

    • Hola Maria, thank you for the infromation on Silvino. I was hoping to find someone closer to San Clemente. Manglaralto is a pretty far distance from where we live. Thank you again for the information. I will keep it and contact him if I cannot find a craftsmen nearer to me. Nancy

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