High Tides

The paper called it an aguaje with higher than normal tides. The waves were crazy wild and even kept me from walking the beach most days last week.

San Clemente 2.3.2014 004 San Clemente 2.3.2014 003 San Clemente 2.3.2014 002 San Clemente 2.3.2014 001 The fishermen who keep their boat at the end of some of the beaches moved them onto the streets behind to keep them safe. We take our coffee to a spot about a block from our house and sit most mornings enjoying the ocean and fresh air. One day I noticed that the picket fence surrounding the fishermen’s cottage was a bit eroded the next day the fence was gone.

San Clemente 2.3.2014 006 San Clemente 2.3.2014 007 San Clemente 2.3.2014 008Always worth watching what the locals are doing, that will tell you what is happening in your community.

8 thoughts on “High Tides

  1. Nan, is this seasonal or is something else causing this? We live in Salinas and have been here a little less than a year now, but the waves have been exceptionally strong and was wondering if this is typical and if we visit up the coast, what is the weather like now. Read blogs don how much rain has been hitting the northern coast.

    Thanks, Lee

    • Hi Lee, The last aguaje was back in early June last year, so I am not sure if it corresponds with anything in particular. Our weather has been beautiful, cool mornings, some sun during the day, more humid this time of the year. It rained a bit during the night and yesterday morning but nothing to talk about. Our first and last good rain was over 2 weeks ago, things immediately turned green but we have had very little rain since. This is not good for the folks that have planted and depend upon rain becuase buying water from the trucks is just too expensive for them. Nancy

    • Karen and Mike, thanks for checking in. How is the weather in your area? My family in PA has had snow and I think everyone is ready for Spring already and it is just early February and there is so much more winter to come, Nancy

    • John and Mary, Keith and Becky sent me pictures of their place filled with water and how bad the street was with the waves bringing all the sand and rocks onto the malecon….we are lucky here this time. I remember those days with the snow, never again. Nancy

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