Fly By, San Clemente Style

Most mornings Joe and I take our coffee, our chairs and go to the end of our street and find a comfy place to sit and watch the water. It is quiet, except for the waves crashing, it is peaceful, as we are normally the only folks besides the fisherman out that early…it is wonderful!

6 thoughts on “Fly By, San Clemente Style

  1. Hi Nan,
    Time will tell but I am hoping that I will soon be living that dream also.
    I was remembering the post about your wonderful dentist and was hoping you would share contact info, as my husband would like to get a couple of fillings done while there. Please email me.
    Christina Kull

  2. Not related to topic, but interested in where your social security checks are direct deposited. Do you have American bank, then transfer funds? Or does US direct deposit into Ecuadorean bank? You can email answer, if want/need privacy. Husband and I are moving in June, starting with a rental in Crucita. Trying to get as many ducks in a row as possible. Thanks!

    • Hi road2ec, We have our Social Security depoisted into Bank of Guayaquil. There are only two banks that accept social secuirty payments in Ecuador this is according to the US Consulate in Guayaquil, Banco de Guayaquil and Produbanco…there seems to be many more Banco de Guayaquil so that is who we use. They charge a $6 fee per month for the service. To open an account with BofG you will need your original cedula, color copy of your cedula, copy of your light or phone bill (actual factura not off the internet), $200 or more cash for deposit and I forgot they want a seperate account cannot be a joint account with spouse… hope this helps, Nancy

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