A New Creepy Crawley in Town

This morning while I was out doing some work in the yard I was bitten by this new Creepy Crawley.

San Clemente 2.19.2014 026

It stung me like a wasp, my suggestion is to stomp on them when you see them. I had Joe use a pest spray on them and well I think they laughed at him, and continued to creep around….yuck!!!

14 thoughts on “A New Creepy Crawley in Town

  1. Are you okay? Jess, one of the ex-pats living here, was bitten by a bad bug and had a really serious reaction requiring anti-venom. Doctora Christina was called in when she passed out.

    • Hi, yes it just stung like it was on fire and I put Colloidal Silver on it twice before it stopped burning. I have killed about 50 the past two days, they are also so disgusting if you crush them on paint they turn the paint a deep red and it will not wash off….I think Doctora Chritina is the best, she looks like a teenager but knows her stuff, hope Jess is doing okay now. N

  2. Nan: I’ve seen several varieties of these little buggers — an all white one in the Orient that the locals said will make you quite ill. They seem to be very aggressive, best to stay well away from them.

    • Deb, I agree, how could you LIKE them!!!! I have not found as many today but I am stomping them as soon as I see them…verg bad bugger for sure!!!

  3. How long are they? Maybe a variety of centipede? I think centipedes are carnivorous so maybe bite. In the house, suck ’em up with a vacuum if you have one.

    • Hi William, I think they are a centipede as well. I am stomping them as soon as I see them, thank God they are only on the outside of the house, if inside I would be going crazy. They win the most disgusting award for a bug, they bite and it burns like you would not believe, the local pest spray does not kill them and when you squash them they leave a dark red mark that stains…YUCK

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