Let’s Talk About Potholes

Back in early February my sister Janice who lives outside of Atlanta sent us several beautiful photos of the trees and flowers in bloom just one week after she sent a photo of the snow on her street.  Then another sister, Linda from Pennsylvania, commented “Excited to be seeing spring down there soon … Right now all NEPA has to offer is dirty, melting snow … and oh, yeah … POTHOLES!”  So I thought I would give you a series of photos of the streets I walk each day.

Let’s compare potholes, shall we?

San Clemente 4.8.2014 056 San Clemente 4.8.2014 058 San Clemente 4.8.2014 060 San Clemente 4.8.2014 064 San Clemente 4.8.2014 065Right before carnaval the municipality sent folks out to fix the potholes but it seems they ran out of steam or material for the roads in our neighborhood. We did have rain the morning I took these photos and when these potholes fill it takes a few days for them to dry up…right now the street in front of our house is a mess…Just a few more weeks and we will be back in the dry season and the road will be easier to navigate.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Potholes

  1. Wow, my car would not like those roads. We had potholes in NY during winter but nothing like this. Now, in Tampa the roads are great and no extra car bills…..

    • Hi TJ, walking is not so great either, ha ha They did fix all the ones downtown but ours were left like this…the rain will stop and if the ones in front of our house are not filled in before next rainy season we will just hire someone to fix it ourselves. Nancy

    • Deb, they did fix the ones at the beginning of town but some of those on our side were not touched and our street is bad. Hopefully but the time you arrive it will have stopped raining and a dry pothole is not as bad as a muddy wet one, especially if you are walking, ja ja See you soon, Nancy

    • Hola, I learned when we first move out of the US to watch every step you take in Central and South America. That is the only way you can be assured of not finding yourself on your face in the dirt…I sometimes forget myself and have taken a spill. Thanks for your comment, Nancy

  2. In Africa I saw teams of women and children filling in potholes by taking a big rock and putting it in the pothole and then beating it with a hammer until it was gravel size and tightly packed into the hole. They spent all day doing it so it must have been their job.

    • Tim, When we moved here the road was filled with pretty good sized rocks, as that wore down last year we got several truck loads of rocks and smaller stones and all the men in the neighborhood spread it down the entire street. This year we have not gotten any additional materials from the municipality and so we end up with depressions that fill with water when it rains. Soon the weather will change and the puddles will be gone for a while at least. Thanks for your comment, Nancy

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