Dolphins Passing By San Clemente

We take our coffee almost every morning down by the water and we have what I call “surf therapy”. That is my idea of starting the day off right. Some peaceful time to kick-start our days. Most mornings it is far from quiet with the surf, birds, fishermen and Joe and I gabbing away. This has been our routine for almost every day the past two years. In all that time we have never seen dolphin swimming by so this is very exciting.

Our first sighting was while we were staying at Hotel San Jacinto. Almost every morning for the week we stayed there we had our breakfast on the outdoor deck and saw these beautiful, graceful creatures come by. We thought this was an every day occurences but soon found out that was not so and have longed to see them once again. How lovely to be given this gift. I sure do appreciate their appearance after such a long absence.  Maybe this week they will visit again.


4 thoughts on “Dolphins Passing By San Clemente

  1. Wow! What a perfect way to start the day Nancy…daresay I, even without the dolphins 🙂 Can you convince them to come back when we are there in 3 months (SOOOOO excited, I can hardly wait!!!!)????

    • Hi Diane, well they have not been back since I made the tape…but we have not been sitting every day either. They just started construction on the spot we were using as our coffee area, we need to find a better place to sit maybe near the fishermen because the construction is kind of blocking our view…so excited for you two…

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