Sunflower Seeds – What a Special Gift

Our friends Mary and John MacDonald shared some sunflower seeds with me. I got them started and ended up with these beauties.

San Clemente 4.8.2014 001 San Clemente 4.8.2014 002

San Clemente 2.19.2014 012Now here are the seeds after the flower has dried.

San Clemente 4.8.2014 113

6 thoughts on “Sunflower Seeds – What a Special Gift

  1. Hi Nancy any opinion on Loja, Catamayo, Malacatos, Vilcabamba and Cuenca for retirement reasons?? Joe

    • Hi Joe, we have not traveled to any of the locations on your list. I would suggest as I did Pat in a previous comment for you to join the Facebook groups from Ecuador…There are so many expats living in Cuenca and the area around there you should be able to get as much information as you want from folks on Facebook. Sorry I could not be of any help. be well, Nancy

    • Hi Susan, Joe has been munching at them, I may not have any seeds to plant more flowers if he continues ha ha Nancy

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