Once Upon a Fig

Our time in Ecuador has been filled with small adventures, most of those adventures came while meeting new folks because of the blog. While we were still living in Salinas a reader Yusuf starting corresponding this was back in April 2011. He has followed our blog almost from the first post so I consider him a dear and treasured friend at this point.

When we bought this home and I was posting of the itty bitty yard with all its trees he suggested a fig. Where was I going to put a fig but when I saw one for sale while at the mercado in Charapoto what do you think I did, yes you are correct I bought it, what was one more tree in our yard.  It was a bitty thing and it has grown slowly. I’m thinking it will never bear fruit in our lifetime, well I was totally wrong.

San Clemente 4.8.2014 091 I was shocked to see the one and only fig on the ground a few days later but just assumed the tree to just to young to bear fruit but maybe next season. I have high hopes for fig marmalade.

Yusuf, thanks for your wonderful advice, suggestions and counsel for the past years. We are blessed to have met folks like you on our journey.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Fig

  1. Oh! what a wonderful tree Nancy! I am so happy that it is coming along ! Once it gets established it usually grows fast–Thank you for your kind words- Wishing you both best always–Yusuf

  2. Hi Nancy, my friends are moving to San Clemente this Oct. Do you find the more plants you have the more No-See-Ums show up or are they just there regardless? Thanks Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, we don’t have any problems with No See Ums, if they were here they would be after Joe, as everything loves Joe. We spend a great deal of time out of doors, we walk each morning for an hour, take our coffee down to the water and sit there almost every morning from 730am to 830am and today spent the entire day working in the yard. Some mosquitoes today but we use Detan and they mostly leave us alone. Who told you about No See Ums, just interested in where you got the information? Nancy

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