No Garbage – Yeah Right!

There is not garbage pick up to each house in every neighborhood here in San Clemente. We are pretty lucky as our street is on the pick up schedule and most weeks they do come by three times to collect trash.

San Clemente 4.29.2014 023But some streets are not as lucky and folks bring their trash to the corner and the dogs, cats and even some pigs can make a real mess of the bags before the collectors come by. These property owners decided to put up signs to discourage this but as you can see it does not always work.  Some places have a wire basket up on stilts at the end of their road and most folks are thoughtful and do put the trash into the container. Other are no so thoughtful and after most weekends you can see all sorts of disgusting items from used diapers to well let’s not go there!!!

2 thoughts on “No Garbage – Yeah Right!

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