When the fishermen are pulling in the nets they start out with as little as five guys to each side. By the time the nets are hauled in there can be as many as 50 people and hundreds of frigate birds and pelicans ready to share in the haul.

San Clemente 4.29.2014 004 San Clemente 4.29.2014 005 San Clemente 4.29.2014 009 I felt that the reflection of the wet sand made for a very interesting photo. Hope you enjoy your day as much as we will.

6 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Love the photos … miss the fishermen bringing in their nets … the highlight of most of our days in San Clemente.

    • Barbara, it is the highlight of our day seeing that kind of activity on the beach. Just so relaxing. Nancy

  2. Sounds like Jesus’ parable of the workers who worked all day vs the guys who show up for the last hour. In this case just show up for the last minute. I’m not trying to be mean or snarky but do they really need the help at the end or could the original guys have handled it? If they need the help it makes sense… How many fish do you get for pulling for one minute? 🙂

    • Tim, we think the same way. Joe and I laugh all the time because all the heavy work goes on for hours before and at the very last minute so many others show up and leave carrying a few fish home with them. The fisherman are a cooperative so maybe this is how everyone shares in the catch and everyone has a fish for the pot. I am an outsider at this point, maybe after 40 years I can walk over and get us a fish ha ha But right now I would never take something from these folks, they work too hard and would never take a penny. Our lemon trees are filled with fruit and every week Joe picks a bag full and I share with the neighbors. Last week a young couple who recently moved here into their mother’s home came over and said she would give me shrimp to repay me for the cake and lemons…I was almost tearful, it was so touching, they have so little, but yet share with us who have so much…My neighbors share when they make something special we get a plate or a bowl of civiche. Earlier this week Sonya brought over a bowl of crab civiche. It is called jaiba, I had never heard crab called jaiba, I am used to hearing congrejo, jaiba I think is stone crab…oh my was it wonderful…that and encebollado seem to be her specialty. Nancy

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