Peppers and Friendship

At this point in my life I would probably not be overly impressed if given a fancy sports car, a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes – all I would be thinking is who is going to do repairs on the car and where would I wear a pair of heels in San Clemente…. but give me a bag of hot peppers and you are my friend for life.

San Clemente 5.29.2014 011These beauties were a gift and will be turned into several condiments for our table. First a few of the habañeros will be sliced and added to olive oil for Joe’s special taste sensation, the rest of them will be oven dried slowly until I can grind them into a fine powder. The red ones will be ground separately because the habañeros are incredibly hot and need special care in my opinion.

Thanks again Debbie and Ernie for this most wonderful gift.

6 thoughts on “Peppers and Friendship

    • Especially if you don’t have a drivers license for this country, what do I need a car for…the peppers are in the oven for the past two hours and my nose is on fire, they are going to be good. After they are dry and ground I will bring you a container for you to check out. I think they are going to set the mouth on fire. Nancy

  1. Nancy, any time you guys are in Bahia or we are coming that way and we have more peppers – we are more than willing to share – maybe I can even spare another jar of Volcano Sauce!!! Nice to see you guys! It was a great afternoon!!!

    • Deb, the peppers are dried and ground, my face and hands were on fire just from the fumes. I would say they are going to hit the spot. Thanks again and of course if you have an extra bottle of the Volcano we would always take it off your hands, ja ja Nancy

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