Salud Making House Calls

Yesterday morning after our walk and coffee on the beach, a nurse from Salud stopped to ask if we wanted flu shots. Both our neighbors Paola and Gina were standing behind the nurse and her assistant, looking hopefully at my reaction.

This is not the first time Salud has come to the house and will not be the last I’m sure. I honestly did not think of getting a flu shot in May but they must feel like there is a threat of an outbreak.

Maria and Javier were just lovely.

San Clemente 5.29.2014 014There is always something new to look forward to. What really nice people we have met on our adventure!

6 thoughts on “Salud Making House Calls

  1. You guys are not concerned about El Niño? Saw on the weather channel that the entire Pacific Coast can expect high water levels and that the roads will be impassable. Predictions are for the end of this year. Beaches and homes near them will have three ft of mud in their yards. Scares me a lot.

    • Hi Carole, We pray that it will not affect us like it did back in 1984 in 1998 it hit Bahia bad. No matter where you live there is always something to be concerned about. In Georgia we had tornado and were close to an earthquake fault line, in Panama we lived near a volcano and had earthquakes and in Pennsylvania we got hit with the rains from a hurricane and places were flooded…no matter where you live you can have unexpected weather. We are hoping for the best and will try to prepare as best we can for the worse. Keep the coast in your prayers, Nancy and Joe

    • Barbara, Yes, we did. I am not big on shots but now that we are getting older I am torn between taking them or not…Living in an area that gets a good number or tourists I went for the protection of the shot…Nancy

    • Hi Susan, They should have come down your street, our street is not special they walked all over town. Last year they gave the shots at the clinica a few blocks away from the church. But it was in October, I was surprised to see them here in May…Patricia may know if they are giving them out. If you don’t know her, you need to because she is a wealth of information and because of her Spanish she gladly makes calls for the expats. Nancy

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