Café de Pacoche

One of the other great things we discovered while in Manta was Café de Pacoche. The Loaiza family had a display of their coffee set up on the malecon. You could smell the coffee from a block away – that and the smiling faces of this lovely family attracted us to their booth. the coffee beans were dark and rich and had that certain  glossy sheen to them. Smelled so good that we bought a pound bag and have enjoyed it every morning since.

One son, Diego, spoke excellent English so we talked for a bit. When I started running out of the coffee I emailed them to find out if we could get several bags delivered to our home by Servientrega.  Surprise! Saturday morning Diego and his mother stopped by with six bags of their excellent coffee. You can almost smell the richness through the photo.

San Clemente 6.1a.2014 003They were on their way back to Manta. What service – having them deliver right to our door. If you are interested in contacting Diego he can be reached at 09 9376 2472 or 052 626 819 or email


4 thoughts on “Café de Pacoche

  1. How nice they were to you Ahhhhh, I love a good, rich, bold coffee. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

    • When we lived in Playas, Tia had two whole bean coffees in big bins. One was Loja and one was Manabi coffee. I loved the Manabi coffee and when anyone is down that way I ask them to bring me a few bags. It is less than $4 a pound and they will grind it for you. This coffee is $6 a pound and delicious. We have very few choices for coffee in the Portoviejo stores. So finding Diego and his families coffee was a great surprise. Nancy

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