Decorations for the Festival or, Mary Poppins comes To San Clemente

San Clemente 9.5.2014 031 San Clemente 9.5.2014 032It was a wonderful surprise to see the decorations downtown in San Clemente this morning. Over the past several weeks a great deal of cleaning, painting of curbs and decorations for the Virgin statue have caught my eye. But this mornings addition just made me stop and smile.

Last night was a cultural evening with entertainment. Today there is a surf championship down at the point with cash prizes and over the weekend there will be fireworks, live music and food and drink available from many vendors around the downtown area.

12 thoughts on “Decorations for the Festival or, Mary Poppins comes To San Clemente

    • Hi Deb, long story, just getting back into posting, have a bunch of pictures now just need to make the time to write them up and post…you know how life gets in the way, ja ja be well, Nancy

    • Hi Tim, This area is celebrating Saint Peter and Paul as well as the patron saint. Several weeks ago the celebrations were in San Jacinto, the past several weeks it has been here in Clemente. They have many things for these festivals they say a novena for nine days, decorate the Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Caridad Del Cobre, have a procession to bless the fishing fleets, this year a surf championship, cultural night on Thursday, bands and music, with food and drinks. Joe and I walked through town this morning you could tell there was a festival the streets were filled with plastic cups and food wrappers and there were more than a few party goers still celebrating.

    • Mary, so happy your back hope you and John had a nice time. Downtown really looks cute. Joe and I did not walk this morning, yesterday it was a mess with plactic glasses, food wrapper etc and there were still some party goers out and about at 6:30am…not our thing, ja ja

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