Building a Boat Next Door

Several months ago, Oscar – who owns the house across the street from ours – started working behind his house. I finally took a look out our window to see a boat taking shape.

San Clemente 6.21.2014 016I will never get used to how things are done here. It’s a great spot, out of the sun, lots of fresh air and close to his home. Couldn’t get any better.

San Clemente 9.5.2014 027San Clemente 9.5.2014 028This past week the boat frame was finished and several men carried it away. Good fishing, guys!

6 thoughts on “Building a Boat Next Door

    • Hi Gary, We live in San Clemente, Manabi. As to rents I really could not tell you. It all depends upon what you rent, is it basic Eucadorian style or something newer that is more Norte Americano…You can look online to see if anyone is renting in Vistazul which is a townhouse complex. That would give you a good idea of American style housing costs. Nancy

    • Ana, when we left the house it was an overcast day but it turned out by the time we got there it was sunny as ever. But they did have many benches in shady areas but I wore a black shirt, by the time we were leaving I was getting pretty heated up….never can plan here when it comes to clothing, I needed to layer and wear light colored not black, ja ja Nancy

  1. Nancy – Thanks for featuring Oscar and his work. He is a good friend and we have long admired his work.

    Oscar uses very basic tools and has the plans memorized. We did a series of post to follow the construction process and Oscar even brought me over to San Alejo to a work area where they apply the fiberglass, etc. If your readers want to see how Oscar builds the frame they can go to: For some more details.

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