Parrot Visiting San Clemente

San Clemente 8.4.2014 002This bird must have been visiting because this is the one and only time I have heard or seen him.  Someone in the house was whistling to him and he was whistling back.


2 thoughts on “Parrot Visiting San Clemente

    • Hi Lee/Doug, I took this video several weeks ago, that was the first and last time I heard this parrot. The folks must have been visiting from out of town. I am sure your puppies would go crazy with the noise. The empty lot next door has been cleaned up, not sure what the owner’s plans are but now we have a rooster and his harem scratching around it all day. Well this rooster is a real early-bird and has been waking us up as early as 4am…Our neighborhood is not quiet and we do have roosters but 4am is a bit much…I wish he would move on…ja ja Nancy

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