Community Workers

I see and say hola to a lot of children and adults on my walk each morning. These two guys are the ones that keep the streets clean in San Clemente. They deserve our appreciation and gratitude for a job well done. Especially if you walk on the streets of Centro the morning after Fiesta or Carnaval and then see them after these guys work their magic!

San Clemente 9.15.2014 001San Clemente 9.15.2014 003thanks again for a job well done!



2 thoughts on “Community Workers

  1. And they are always happy and willing to chat. Perhaps the only happier crew of workers are the three guys who work the trash pickup. The driver honks and hangs out the window to wave to me and the two guys in the back always have a big smile to share. Gotta love these Ecuatorianos!!

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