Kefir – Cultured Milk similar to Yogurt

We fell in love with kefir when we were living in Panama. Some sweet soul, sorry I forgot who gave me the culture, was kind enough to share their kefir grains with us when we lived their over five years ago..

Kefir is a cultured, creamy product with amazing health benefits. Kefir is tart and has a refreshing flavor similar to a drinking-style yogurt or buttermilk. It contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly probiotic bacteria found in yogurt.

The grains are just that, they look like little grains of rice. You start with about one tablespoon of kefir grains and you add milk. It can be cows milk, goats milk, raw milk and even boxed milk works. Leave the milk mixture on your kitchen counter for 18 to 24 hours in a glass container. Do not close the lid completely or drill holes in the top to allow air to escape. Use a coffee filter with an elastic band to cover to keep little critters out. Strain using non-metal strainer into a clean storage jar. If you want a richer more tart flavored kefir – allow the kefir to sit on your counter for a few more hours after you have removed the grains. This gives you fresh kefir every day in any quantity that you need.

Kefir is a great preventative probiotic which will promote gut health, absolutely necessary while living in this climate.

IMG_2090I received this kefir from Rodger and Glennda Kauffman who are living in Bahia de Caraquez. The culture is very healthy and is reproducing grains which I will share with anyone who may be traveling through San Clemente.

You can use kefir to make smoothies using the fruit of your choice if you are not a plain yogurt eater. Plus one of my future posts will be for a dessert called Panna Cotta using kefir.  Really yummy….

6 thoughts on “Kefir – Cultured Milk similar to Yogurt

  1. This is great information Nancy! I have been wondering about kefir…I have heard so many good things about it. I am so happy it is easy to make! Looking forward getting that started when we are living there! Thanks for sharing!

    • Diane, when you get here I will be sure to have some grains for you. I also received sour dough started from Glennda and a recipe for sour dough pancakes, the best ever..Nancy

  2. I am curious. Have you found a means to buy kefir grains here in Ecuador? I live in Guayaquil but we travel up the coast from time to time. And I can go to Cuenca.

    • Hi Dan, I have kefir grains and will be happy to share with you….just let me know when you will be coming up the coast and I will start saving it for you…Right now I am throwing it away because I have more than I need and no one here wants to start it. If you like panna cotta I make it from the kefir and it is wonderful….I posted the recipe on the blog, let me know when you will be coming up and we can get together. Have you made kefir before? If not, we can have a Kefir 101, be well, Nancy

  3. Hello, Australian living in Junin Manabi and getting into some fermentation (apple cider vinegar on the go) – I would love to give the kefir a try!
    I only live a few hours away, possible to drop by some time? Could do a trade for some farm produce, any favourites? Or if you partake in a little alcohol I could bring some of my cacao mistela… 🙂

    • Hola Tarant, Sorry I am not blogging often these days so I just saw this this morning. I do have the kefir grains, but I have not been making the kefir. So this morning after reading your comment I put a batch on and it should be ready to share in a few weeks. I will write you at your email address with this same information. I thank you for the offer of farm produce and the Cacao mistela sounds interesting. It is not necessary to repay me, I received this kefir as a gift and would be happy to share with you. Nancy

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