Lady and the Tramp – Ecuadorian Style

I know you all remember the movie where Lady is sharing a plate of spaghetti with Tramp.

283684-lady-and-the-trampThese photos are not with spaghetti but were so cute I just had to share with you. We were having our breakfast and coffee / tea at the beach when these two showed up to play.

IMG_2120 IMG_2121 IMG_2122a IMG_2123aThe cream colored dog is a female that stays part-time on our street and I was told her name was Blanche. The darker dog is a male and he lives one street over and his name is Yo. They are both young pups and really had fun chasing each other around that morning.

9 thoughts on “Lady and the Tramp – Ecuadorian Style

    • Hi TJ, yes most dogs here are outside dogs, guard dogs, watch dogs. When we moved here our street had three male dogs that did a great job of watching out for strangers. They especially did not like yellow taxi’s. They have all gone to Doggie Heaven and we now have two female dogs that are the guardians of the street. Most folks if they have a wall or fence around their property will put the dogs in at night. But first thing in the morning they are allowed to wander around, the go to the beach and chase the birds, eat some fish if the nets are coming in and just wander around. There are very few accounts of dogs biting people or killing chickens. If you don’t belong on the street they pretty much let you and everyone else know about it. Not a bad system. Nancy

    • Hi Lyndell, Yes, it was a hoot to watch, I did not catch the chasing that they were doing. I don’t know if it was me that was too slow or the camera, ja ja Everyday is something new. Love you, hug Ken for us, N

    • Hi John and Mary, Don’t always take my camera these days so it was nice that the dogs gave me some photo opportunities….I saw Yo this morning and he is limping so I guess he was chasing cars yesterday and maybe got knocked about a little, no blood, just limping a bit….we will see how he is tomorrow. N

  1. When I was a kid on Long Island we had a dog named Mickey that would roam the neighborhood in the daytime and we would lock him in his run at night. I would call him in the evening to feed him and all the other dogs in the neighborhood would bark to tell him to go home.

    Once I was visiting a friend who lived several miles away and his dog had just had puppies and they all looked surprising like Mickey. 🙂

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