What great neighbors we have. This afternoon our neighbor Paola brought us a huge bowl of viche. This batch was made with lobster, shrimp, choclo (corn), small plantain balls and the most wonderful broth made with peanuts. Of course she did provide rice as well.  It is out of this world and Paola is one of the best cooks I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

IMG_2153We eat like royalty here. Between the kindness of our neighbors like Paola and the bounty we can buy right at our door we are blessed.

We have a new fruta and verdura vendor who has started to come by on Friday mornings. Today he had strawberries, black and red grapes, granny smith apples as well as gala apples and pears, passion fruit, mora, naranjilla just to name a few. He had corn, peas, small and large lima beans as well as fresh fava beans, carrots, red onions, green onions, cauliflower, broccoli, two types of potatoes, iceberg lettuce and cilantro.  Next week I will take a photo of his truck and him and his wife.

Feeling very blessed…

8 thoughts on “Viche

    • Hi David, he is new, just been coming around for the past three weeks…I was amazed he has had such great fruit, best strawberries, 1 lb for $1 can’t beat that and I do not need to go to San Jacinto…I can call you when he is here next Friday and maybe you can explain where you are…I know I do not have the Spanish skills necessary to get him to your place. Nancy

    • Hi Susan, Esthela who lives full-time in Quito will be here in July. She promises to teach me how to make it and I will be happy to share the recipe with you. It was out of this world wonderful…love Paola for sharing with us, she is a wonderful cook for such a young woman in her early 30’s…but with 4 children and a husband she has learned to make the most unbelievable dishes. She has made us fried won-tons, a chicken rice dish that would make you weep, some of the best Llapingacho, her seafood dishes are excellent and she is so kind to share with us. I do try to recripicate with desserts today was panna cotta with fresh strawberries. But most times I will make a cake but is has just been too hot here to do much baking the past 5 months. We are waiting for the weather to change…it was another hot one today. take care of you and Jimmy… love, N

    • Hi John and Mary, he came by again this morning…I was in the middle of doing something and never got out to stop him for David. Next time he comes by I will give you and David a call..N

  1. i will never forget the first time i tasted viche, “what’s that unique flavor?” i asked.. ‘mani’ was the reply.. ah.. so subtle… i agree, viche is amazing, and i am always glad then a restaurant has that as the soup course!

    • Hi Z, I just sent you an email following up on your recovery…I could eat viche every day but then what fun would that be? ja ja Nancy

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