Pata de Vaca – Look How Beautiful!

Correction: This tree is called Bauhinia forficata not Tulipan and is commonly known as Brazilian orchid tree or Pata de Vaca (foot of the cow because of the shape of the leaves). It is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae.  Thank you Esthela Deleg for finding out the correct name.

Outside the wall at Palmazul I see this beautiful tree. When it is in bloom the flowers are just so lovely I could not pass without taking a photo.

IMG_2115IMG_2115aMakes my day!

10 thoughts on “Pata de Vaca – Look How Beautiful!

    • Hi Joe, a dear friend and neighbor has shared the nane it is Pava de Vaca or Foot of the Cow becuase of the shape of the leaves. I have updated the post to include the correction. Thanks for following. Have a great day…Nancy

    • Hi Susan, A neighbor and friend who has a home here in San Clemente but lives and works in Quito has helped me identify this beautiful tree. I have updated my post to include the correct name Pava de Vaca or Foot of the Cow for the shape of the leaves. It is a very beautiful tree, would love one but no room in my yard. Nancy PS Hope you are feeling better…

    • Hi Lisa, The first I ever saw is this one out in front of Palmazul. Our friends Leigh and Rick have one in their yard but it is still a baby and I have not seen any flowers as yet. It is a beautiful tree and it seems always to be blooming with beautiful soft pink flowers that sort of remind me of an orchid. I think that is what caught my eye. Hope you are feeling better. Nancy

    • Hi John, A local friend told me that the local name is Pata de Vaca so that is why I changed it from Tulipan…what it looks like to me is one of those huge orchids…very beautiful and if I had room in my yard I would love to have that tree. Thanks for following, have a great day, Nancy

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