Beach Trash or Art Work – You Be The Judge

While walking I like searching the beach for shells, driftwood and other bits and pieces of trash that wash ashore. I keep a container in the storage closet for driftwood, bamboo, shells and other odds and ends that I attempt to turn into some sort of treasure.

IMG_2303IMG_2290Our neighbor Sergio came by the gate one day and handed me this empty lobster shell. It found a special home on one of the porch walls.IMG_22879.14.2015e 9.14.2015aThis is a piece of my grape vine that needed to be cut back so that became our screen door decoration. I found the nest in the yard and a empty eggshell as well to complete the door wreath. 9.14.2015bThese are just pieces of broken foam that I painted and hung on the porch kitchen window. 9.14.2015c These were given to me by Nellie, seven beautiful shells exactly the same just different sizes.IMG_2350 A piece of gnarly wood along with a thick board made up this shelf for our bedroom wall.IMG_2354IMG_23529.14.2015d

IMG_2355Keeping busy and creating a beach atmosphere.

11 thoughts on “Beach Trash or Art Work – You Be The Judge

  1. Love all of them – we here in Las Gilces (Crucita) have a craft day every two weeks at Jill Bakers – we have made the hanging shells – the mirror with shells – frames with different objects – posters with balsa wood, shells and pictures – it is really fun to create out of nature –

  2. Love all of this! I so miss the beach and you, my fellow tai chi practitioners … I have been so remiss … and I cannot even find what I need to get back into it now with the house in the midst of the reno and up for sale! This is the hardest thing I have ever done!

    • Barbara, I know first hand how hard it was getting rid of everything and moving out of the country so I feel for you. Thanks for keeping in touch and we will see you soon. Nancy

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