Home Made Anise Flavoring

Another item not easily found here is Anise Extract. A dear friend from Florida, Joe,  brought me three bottles a few years ago when he visited but the long-term answer is not bringing it from the states but to make it yourself.

To that end, my son-in-law, Isaac gave me this recipe. Clean and serialized a jar then fill with vodka and a few star anise pods. Let the pods sit in the vodka until the anise flavor is infused, this took several weeks but will last indefinitely.

12.20.2015 (1) I have read where it is better to keep in a dark bottle and not a clear one as it protects the potency of the extract.  It actually worked and I will be trying it with my first batch of Italian Anise Cookies. Thanks Isaac!

12.20.2015 (2)

3 thoughts on “Home Made Anise Flavoring

  1. I just made the dough this morning for some anise cookies, we love all the Italian cookies. I have all the recipe from my father-in law mother and they were both born and raise in Italy Have fun baking

    • Hi Susan, I start my preparation for baking tomorrow. Do all the mixes one day and the baking the next. Putting the batters in the refrigerator overnight makes easier baking here in this heat. I have an Italian Anise Ricotta cookie recipe … you need to make them and eat them fast…But they are wonderful. Nancy

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