On Vacation in Manta

IMG_2392We are both enjoying a vacation in Manta. It has been wonderful living in a condo within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and much more.

Our only negative was the time it took to have internet installed here.  Our phone line was installed in two days but it took over two weeks to get the internet back on-line.  The weather has been beautiful a few nights there was a light rain leaving our patio with a sheen of water and a full day of cloudy skies but nothing to stop us from enjoying walks on the beach and adventures around the town.


2 thoughts on “On Vacation in Manta

    • Hola Yusuf…Happy to hear from you. We are just getting settled after waiting for internet connection for two weeks. Trying to catch up on the lost two weeks. We would love to get together with you for coffee one day. Just let us know when and maybe we could meet outside of your condo and walk down to Oro Verde cafe…Nancy and Joe

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