A Spare Mini Roll

I just love finding new items in the supermarket. This may not make any sense to folks living outside of South America but here it is a wonderful idea.

IMG_2570What you see here is a 4 pack of toilet paper where the center of each roll has a mini roll for your purse.  Some – okay, many – places in Ecuador do not supply toilet paper so it is necessary for us women to carry a small roll in our bags.  This little DUO roll will have a honored place in my purse. Sometimes in life, it’s the little things………

4 thoughts on “A Spare Mini Roll

    • Hi Mary and John. What I have done in the past is taken a roll that is almost finished, pulled out the cardboard tube and squashed it to fit in my purse. This roll by Elite sames me all the trouble, I found it in SuperMaxi. Nancy

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