Downing of Palm Trees

I have seen on the news the damage done in San Alejo, San Jacinto and San Clemente from the high tides this past few weeks.  We did have some damage on the property next door to where we are staying in Manta. The property facing the ocean was lined with beautiful large palm trees.IMG_2669First two fell over, then the next high tide 5 more.IMG_2666 IMG_2670It was sad to see such beautiful trees tossed into a truck and hauled away.  Mother Nature, what can I say.



6 thoughts on “Downing of Palm Trees

  1. I am feeling so bad Nancy to have lost those wonderful palm trees of my Condo but you lose against the force of the mother nature! Regs–Yusuf

  2. thankz for sharing this, nancy..i am online rarely so am not up-to-date on what’s happening.. this is surely spooky for all who have interests along the coastline.

    what’s happening in san clemente? no need to answer soon – i am about to be offline and back on sometime next week.


    • Hi Lisa, Hope all is well with you. Clemente got the same high tides, sorry to say the road in San Alejo and San Jacinto was really dug up with the tides. Our road was mud with the rains as it is a dirt road, that is one of the reasons we are in Manta. be well, Nancy

  3. Hello Nancy, So sad to hear what happen. I know a few couples in San Jacinto- I see them on facebook- the Lady at the hotel and her son next door. Are you going to stay in Manta now? Hope you are doing well- send Joe hugs from us, karen

    • Hi Karen, thanks for your comment. We are vacationing here in Manta trying to get away from any El Nino issues. We will be going back to San Clemente on the 14th. Hope you are both well, Nancy

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