7.8 Earthquake Coast of Ecuador April 16, 2016

Well it has been an unusual welcome back to San Clemente. We left Manta on Thursday April 14th getting back to San Clemente in the early afternoon.  Our wonderful neighbors David and Helena had our home spic and span ready for us to just unpack and be totally settled in.

Then Saturday early evening we were shocked with a horrific earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude.  We are still shaking from the experience.  Again our neighbors came to our rescue by arranging for us to be transported up the hill to higher ground because of the possibility of a tsunami.  There were many aftershocks during that evening with one at about 2:30am that sent Joe and I running for the driveway once again.

Well Sunday found us without power, low cell charge…I made one quick call to our daughter Jennifer who lives in Tokyo to have her get the word out to our family that we were fine just had no power.  It took the electric company almost 5 days to get the power back on which I felt was amazing and we started to get back to normal. But because we had moved our phone and internet to Manta while we were away our internet was not hooked up prior to the earthquake. We just got it back earlier today so now we are fully operational, ha ha

Sunday morning I took a few photos of the mess in our house but unfortunately it looked like I was shaking the camera and the pictures are really blurry. Our house came through great, no damage. Some concrete damage to the wall around the garden but it needed some work anyway.

Here is one picture of a house just one block away from ours.IMG_2855

We thank God for our many blessings.

33 thoughts on “7.8 Earthquake Coast of Ecuador April 16, 2016

  1. Nancy and Joe, it is good to hear from you and that everything is okay. I just returned from Salinas yesterday after a week’s stay and was thinking about you. I checked around online and found that one of the expat communities in San Clemente was doing a roll-call. I know this must have been quite a scary experience. It is wonderful news to hear from you and God bless.
    Leon from NYC

    • Leon, thanks for your good wishes and prayers. Hopefully things we get back to normal or some semblance of normal soon. We thank God we were here in San Clemente but must say our condo in Manta faired pretty well compared to all those buildings in Tarqui. We saw the pictures for the first time yesterday, what devastation. thanks again for your concern, Nancy and Joe

    • Thanks so much for your prayers. We feel blessed to have such good neighbors and thankful that our little Beach Hut stood up so well. Nancy and Joe

  2. So glad you and Joe made it through this disaster and your home is sound.
    People, mainly family , have asked what was it like? Tomorrow, the two week mark, I still only have two things to say, terrorizing and I thought it was the end of the world. It will get better for all of us here in SC, day by day. Hugs

    • John and Mary, I could not agree more, it seems Joe and I jump less each day. The first few were the hardest not being able to sleep thinking it was going to happen again. We were not prepared when it happened, and put clothes, shoes and flashlights close at hand so if in the middle of the night it happened again we had something to put on. Joe asked yesterday, “when do you think we will be able to put these things away?” You know Mary and John, I did not have a good answer, I think those things will stay on the couch next to the front door for a very long time. When I can finally put them away, that will be the day I say we are out of the shock phase, sorry to say we have not reached that point after two weeks. Kisses to you both, Nancy and Joe

  3. I was so grateful to hear from you today. Thank God you and Joe are fine and your didn’t sustain much damage. The video you sent was horrific! Very glad you are back and online once again. Stay well.

    • Thanks Marilee, your prayers are always welcome. I forwarded your and Penny’s message to John and Mary. They seem to be doing well in their new home. take care, Nancy and Joe

  4. I am very glad to see your post! Was wondering about you and very glad God kept you safe! We have friends just south of Canoa whose condo is most likely not repairable. Very sad. 😦

    • So sorry to hear about your friends condo. We just saw some of the videos and pictures of the damage yesterday after we got internet, what horrific scenes. We were totally blessed to have so little damaged on our block. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. Nancy and Joe

  5. It is so good to hear that you and Joe are okay. I don’t even know you, but I follow your blog and have been worried about you.

    • Well Vicki how sweet are you? We totally appreciate your concern and bless your heart for thinking of us as friends. Maybe one day we will meet until then keep sending all the folks here in Ecuador your prayers and good wishes. be well, Nancy and Joe

  6. Had wondered if you were back in San Clemente. Glad to hear you weathered the quake so well but it must have been really scary. I’ll be in Salinas in a week. Hope to see you soon. Take care.

    • Hi Deborah, thanks for your well wishes. Enjoy your time in Salinas, they did not even feel a tremor according to my friend Amy Prisco. We had plans to work on the house as soon as we got back from Manta just hope we can find the good workers to help us. So great to have internet back. Thanks again for your thoughts, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi Maryanne, I guess we were suppose to be here and let me tell you if we were in Manta we would have been lost not knowing that many people there. Here all our neighbors came by to check on us, all brought food, all treated us like family. So many blessings, so much concern, what a great block we have. Also, Leigh and Rick Fredericks, our one street away neighbors, were wonderful. They have a generator so I got to charge my phone and emergency lights, Rick drove me around town to get things like Detan repellent and a few other things we did not have enough of. What a great town. Thanks again for your concern. be well, Nancy and Joe

  7. I am so happy that you and Joe are safe, along with the rest of the people of San Clemente. We are heartbroken for those who have lost so much. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the wonderful people of Ecuador. We are very much looking forward to our trip there in August. Expect extra big hugs!

  8. Good to hear from you Nancy & Joe- Thinkin about you & Joe-So glad you had little damage to the property and bothe of you came alive hale & hearty!-Will talk to you more about mine in Santorini by E-mail to you–All the best–Yusuf

    • Esthela, thank you so much for your call the night of the earthquake. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people watching out for us. Keep up the prayers the country needs a great deal of support financially and emotionally, but prayers are always needed. many blessings, Nancy and Joe

  9. What a wonderful relief to see your post and know that you and Joe are fine. We are all very concerned here in Vilcabamba. I gave food, water, and clothes to be sent down. What a disaster and my heart goes out to all on the coast. You sound as though you love your house, your neighbors and life in Ecuador. Be well, take care. Love, Blessings, Patricia XXOO

    • Patricia, thank you so much for your comment. We are feeling blessed that we were not hurt or worse. Our neighbors have been a true blessing from God, they like He are always watching over us. Be well, write soon on your adventures, Love, Nancy and Joe

  10. It was scary stuff we live in Portoviejo house is fine but others are a total mess and the town completely destroyed, tourism in Manabi is finished now for at least 6 years, everyone jobless increased crime Ecuador does not deserve this

    • Si, thanks for your comment. I hope your prediction of 6 years does not come true. Things were hard here before, I just can’t imagine things harder for these great people. Need to keep praying and hope that things turn around faster. Nancy

  11. Dear Nancy and Joe, I am so glad to see you are online. I have been praying and will continue to pray for each and every one. I was so glad to hear from everyone and to find that they were safe. My thoughts and best wishes are for all of you. Take care and may God be with you both.

  12. Nan, I am so relieved to know you and Joe are okay and still have your home. I worried about you and tried to get some info from other expats to no avail. My heart goes out to all who have lost family members from the quake.

    • Hi Debbie, thank you so much for your concern. The Ecuadorian people are hard working and will have their country back to it’s beautiful paradise very soon. If you can donate to one of the Ecuadorian Banks even just a few dollars it will help in the rebuilding efforts. Nancy and Joe

  13. Although we ‘hear through the grapevine,’ it’s always great to get a first-hand report and know for sure that you’re both ok. It’s great to see you back and know that your home is still standing..

    Sending love and strength from the Mindo area.

    • Lisa, So happy you were not in Jama…San Clemente is small so we have small problems, the pictures of Manta, Portoviejo and Pedernales are unbelievable…so much destruction. be well, thanks for checking up on us, Nancy and Joe

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