Investing in the Local Economy

Ever since we moved here to San Clemente our neighbor David Zambrano has helped us with so many jobs around this house I can no longer remember all of them.  While we were staying in Manta, David took care of our home, our yard and our plants.  When we came back my plants were more beautiful and lush than I could ever had gotten them.  I do feel he has a green thumb.

David is great with electrical or plumbing problems but on occasion he has done some small woodworking for me as well as small concrete jobs along with a bit of painting. If he cannot do it he will find someone who can.

When the earthquake hit on April 16th, Joe got me out of the house but we were in shock, we just sat on lawn chairs out on the driveway.  David and his brother Pilli made a quick check of all the neighbors and then came back to get Joe and I.  They walked us through our house sweeping a path through the debris as they got us into our bedroom and found us shoes, shirts and flashlights. They found two folding chairs on our patio and walked us down the street to a waiting car, where we were treated like royalty and taken up the hill to Pepita’s home to wait out the tsunami warning.  David came back several hours later and took us to our home. Again, he needed to sweep a path to be able to get to the bathroom and into bed.  I cannot explain how much this meant to Joe and I.  It took us days to stop trembling when we felt an aftershock and some of those aftershocks measured over 6.

Now we are starting the work that we have been planning for the house for the past year.  This is the time to do it, this is the time to invest in this community so it can heal. If you have projects that you are looking to do in the next year, I ask that you do those projects now, infusing money into the local economy.

So far we have contracted to have wood cabinets built for our kitchen, a block and concrete wall built at the back of our property and bamboo fencing for two additional walls in our yard. This is not replacement for damage done it is all new items that we were planning to add over the next several years. Next we will be hiring maestros to build two doors for the back walkway as well as a new wood gate for our drive.

Many people are not working right now, have no income coming in and have damage to their own property. If you are living in Ecuador and are thinking about investing in your property and can give work to those in your community please do it now.

It will make a difference in the quality of life right here in Ecuador.



10 thoughts on “Investing in the Local Economy

  1. Oh Nancy…I love this!!!! First of all, I love that you and Joe are safe. Hearing how David took care of you warms my heart and reminds me of why I love San Clemente so much…the people are very special. I also love that you are helping the community in such a wonderful way. It makes so much sense! I look forward to seeing it in August! Sending hugs and warm wishes to both of you.

    • Hi Diane, Joe and I talked about doing all of this work for the past two years. We are just upping our time-table to get the money we have sitting in savings into the hands of the folks that need it. I hope that others in the communities along the coast do the same by investing in the future of Ecuador. Nancy and Joe

  2. Nancy my wife and I house in Playas had no damage to it . We live in Florida but after the news of the earthquake. My wife a native Guayaquil and is a respertory therapist . Flew over the day later to look at our house for one day then Volunteered a week of time in Manabi .At a local hospital. A once in a life time experience .

    • Thank you so much for sharing with me. It was great of your wife to come to Manabí and work as a volunteer for a week. She can be proud that she has made a difference in the lives of anyone she met. Blessings to you both…Nancy

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