David Zambrano, Artist

I learned something new today. I learned that David our neighbor is an artist. Today I went to his house looking for his lovely wife Helena and what I found was David working on the second painting below.

This first painting hangs in a prominent spot in the David’s family dining room.


This next one is an unfinished work.


I do not know much about art but I do know what I like and I like both of these paintings.  Anyone need any original artwork for their home?

5 thoughts on “David Zambrano, Artist

    • Helena said that he has several other paintings in Portoviejo but I did not understand where those paintings were…I love the still-life but actually prefer the other, for some reason it pulls on me, does that make sense???

      • Sure – it kind of looks like a vortex. It will be good to see it when it is completed.

        By the way – there is another gifted artist in town named Francisco. He is a laborer and lives in a small room down on main street. The places one leasts expects to see artist, pop up with really talented people working with pencils and painting on cardboard.

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