Tropical Garden

We have several projects going at our home in the past few weeks. Last week the bamboo fence around the yard was completed. Billy and his son worked hard to get it just right and we bid farewell to these wonderful craftsmen.


Over the past week the bamboo has soften to a beautiful tan color from the original green from the fresh bamboo.  Billy and his son sprayed it for bugs and then sprayed it with a varnish.


8 thoughts on “Tropical Garden

    • Hi Marilee, thanks. It sure does grow especially during the wet season. When we got back from Manta it took both Joe and I about a week to cut back everything, you could not walk on the grass as all the bushes and trees grew almost to the ground. Be well, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi Lyndell, thanks it is beautiful to be able to take a chair and sit out in the grass. Especially because the trees keep it so much cooler there. Nancy and Joe

    • Thanks Mary and John, we are finally in the homestretch, a few more weeks and all except our new gate should be completed. Nancy and Joe

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