Finally Kitchen Cabinets

When we moved into this house we put a basic kitchen counter in the kitchen.  Several months later we added shelving underneath along with a wood work table.  It has taken me almost four years to decide what I wanted in the way of kitchen cabinets and finally a few weeks ago I placed the order.  Please first understand, if I did not have my neighbor and friend David Zambrano to assist me this would never come to pass. His contacts, artistic insight, innate ability to understand me, abilities as a maestro and supervisor, and his total acceptance of us make him and his family so special to us.  Today the cabinets have been installed and now I can finally put all my kitchen items in closed cupboards or up on a shelf and off the counters. Notice Helena, David’s wife and alter ego, in the first picture carefully watching to be sure everything is just right!

IMG_2892 IMG_2897

Jorge and his crew did a beautiful job. We could not be happier at how the cabinets turned out. IMG_2895

It took both Joe and I most of Sunday to figure out where everything should go. Below is the first draft, you know I will need to make a bunch of changes before I am totally pleased with how everything is placed.

IMG_2901 IMG_2903 IMG_2904

6 thoughts on “Finally Kitchen Cabinets

  1. After living in a home with a small kitchen for more than four years we know how frustrating it is to store and then find everything. These new cabinets and shelves will make life so much easier for you (a master chef) to work. Mary is having the same experience here with our new kitchen, island, and space! Life is good!

    • Thanks T, waited four years to get cabinets…I do like them…How are you doing? Please email when you have a few minutes, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi Janet, thanks for checking it out. Looks like they will be completely done tomorrow. Then I will take pictures of the patio, driveway, top of cistern all finished and beautiful. Still waiting on the new gate for the driveway and our last project for a very long while will be having the outside of the house painted. Then we are done for a good while. I do want the cabinet guy to make me 4 more pieces for the kitchen. That will give me all the storage space I need forever…ha ha Nancy

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