Construction Continues

The back of our house had only one meter from the back wall to the next yard with only a one meter high wall separating the two yards. This needed to be replaced as it was built many years ago with decorative block that was falling apart. It was one of the things that the earthquake made worse. We removed this small wall as well as a concrete walkway which was slanted towards the house and trapped water there. New columns were constructed along with an over eight foot wall made with brick and skim coated with concrete.

The completed job is wonderful. Now we only need to allow the concrete to set and completely dry before we can have it painted.


We also had a patio built under the tree in our front garden. David suggested we buy outdoor ceramic tiles and fill in with granito. For the past several weeks Maestro Carlos has worked daily making a beautiful patio and walkway. This coming week we will have the driveway and top of the cistern coated in the granite. Once that is completed they will acid wash it and give it a coating of varnish.


Now they are working on a new column for the front gate as well as a more Jubilado  friendly entrance ramp. Once completed we will order the gate as well as the two portones for the new wall at the back of the house.


Carlos is standing on the sawhorse, he is a wonderful concrete maestro, Juanito is the boss and we have had them do several things on our home over the past several years.  Actually Carlos worked on putting in the original interior walls when we bought this house.

David Zambrano has been instrumental in making this work possible, without his guidance we could never have had all this done is such a short time. Get well fast David.

2 thoughts on “Construction Continues

    • Hi Ron, thanks for your comment. The workers left a space for the guava about 2 feet wider than the tree truck currently and about the same for the Pomegranate bush. I hope they left enough room for them, if not we will need to chip away at the concrete if in the future the tree trucks grow bigger than the holes they left. I was afraid that the trees would die if we covered so much of the ground around them, but so far after about three weeks they seem to be doing well. I am watering moderately and keeping all leaves and debris away from the trucks. Let me know if I need to do more to make sure they thrive, Thanks Nancy

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