One More Phase of Remodeling Finished!

For the past 5 or 6 weeks our place has been taken over by workers making some changes to our outside space and inside working on our kitchen.

Finally all is completed and Joe and I can start to clean up the dust that was left behind while they worked.

IMG_2936We had the bamboo fence added to two walls and it has turned a beautiful tan color. It was treated for bugs and then varnished.

IMG_2937Our driveway was plain concrete so we had that resurfaced and topped with granito and then varnished.

IMG_2938We also had the one section of our back yard covered in cement and they topped that with large outdoor ceramic tiles and granito to make a nice patio.IMG_2939I hated the way the top of the cistern looked so we had them put the granito on that as well.

IMG_2945The last item was the new gate with a built in door and a roof to protect it which was just completed this past Saturday.

Now everything needs a nice coat of white paint.  Well not right now, we need a break from workers.  ja ja

20 thoughts on “One More Phase of Remodeling Finished!

    • Hi Lyndell, thanks we hope this is it for a while. But I do have a few more cabinets on my wish list for the kitchen just have not gotten my sketches together for the wood maestro.

  1. Looks very lovely! Love the front gate/door, such a difference from what it was! Will have to stop and see it on one of our trips to or from Bahia! All the best to you both!!!

    • Hi Deb and Ernie, that old bamboo gate served us well for the past 4 years, can’t believe it lasted that long. Very happy with this door, this maestro is a real artist. Hope this is it for a while, but I know our roof will need to be replaced soon…not ready for all that dust, dirt, and having the workers back but it will need to be done sooner or later, N

    • Hi Diane, So happy the work is all done for the time being. Great to be able to sit under the tree, we do need to find a nice table and chair set with an umbrella. The tree is a guava and it seems to always have fruit and getting hit in the head is not fun, ja ja Nancy

  2. Looks great!!!! Particularly love what you have done with the fencing. Makes such a huge difference. Nice to have it done now that the cooler weather has arrived and you can spend more time outdoors enjoying it.

    • Deborah, actually it is wonderful in the hot season as the tree makes that area so much cooler than any other part of our property. It has been pretty cool here the past few days, overcast and it has actually sprinkle a little. It has been nice but the hot weather is right around the corner. Nancy

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