Vendors Part 2: The Egg Man

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30am I can set my watch because the Egg Man comes down our street.  He sells eggs, toothpaste, toilet paper, sometimes he has disposable razors, women’s hygiene products, clothespins, toothbrushes, kitchen sponges it just depends on what he thinks he can sell, I guess.

IMG_2978 IMG_2979I buy this 30 count tray for $3.60. The eggs are large, fresh and wonderful for all my baking extravaganzas.

7 thoughts on “Vendors Part 2: The Egg Man

    • Barbara, so happy you tired it, easy and fast and yet so decadent…I hope you like it as much as we did…Ours in gone and so I will be making more this week…maybe strawberry mixed in….we will see, N

  1. I so look forward to your blog. It brings back such wonderful memories of my trips to the mercado in LA Libertad. Your lives are certainly way more immersed in the culture which is so refreshing and frankly has me so envious.
    Your cooking, baking and sheer creativity makes me hungry as I read along.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Marilyn, so happy you are enjoying our little life here in San Clemente. Hope you and Bob are well and happy….cheers, Nancy and Joe

    • I normally ask for large and he will rearrange cartons to give me mostly large eggs. We like eggs and I like to bake so we go through this carton in two weeks. I do refrigerate but folks here do not. No one has a problem if not refrigerated and it’s hot here most of the time but those little eggs seem to have their own environment inside that shell and they can take it. Nancy

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