The Kindness of Neighbors

A few days ago one of our neighbors stopped in front of our house and who popped out of the truck but Mary and John MacDonald.  Mary said to John one morning that if she was cold the folks living in tents must also be cold.  They took it upon themselves to find as many blankets as they could (which is not an easy feat here) along with many others donated by another wonderful Expat couple. They took to the streets looking for folks still living in tents in our area. They walked around passing out blankets to many appreciative families.

That act of kindness is what makes this small community so wonderful. I took the picture below off of Mary’s Facebook page. Hope you don’t mind Mary.

10487421_863691723658675_1317958115370626076_nJohn and Mary do other kindnesses for our local community including a children’s Christmas party in one community, John has played Santa as well as singing for local events, Mary has made candy for the holidays and donated all the money to local charities most of this going directly to the local children, Mary also hosts a Take Time out for Art morning at their home for anyone interested in working on any type of art project.  They have a blog that they use to keep in touch with family and friends about their daily lives here in Ecuador. You should check it out:

Looking for good people is easy here in San Clemente, just turn around and you will find a wonderful local family or an exceptional Expat couple who will make you smile.

Thanks again Mary and John for your big hearts and that wonderful attitude of giving.

10 thoughts on “The Kindness of Neighbors

  1. So nice to hear about John and Mary! Are they back in their house? Big hearts and a wonderful couple. I loved meeting them when I was there.

    • Marilee, first say hi to Penny. No they moved into another home closer to downtown. They are a great couple, your are right with big hearts. Nancy

  2. Nancy – Mary and I have been reluctant to respond to this post because you are too kind. Thank you so much for your friendship and for acknowleging some of the things we try to do here in our community.

    We hope the blankets came in handy (although it has been a bit warmer the last couple of nights.) People from cold climates can not believe we would need blankets when it is only in the sixties, but with the ocean breeze and resultant wind chill, it does feel cold to us now that we are acclimated.

    Anyway, thanks again – JandM

    • Mary and John, you are both deserving of kind words for all you do in our community. I know that you are both appreciated by so many folks that you have helped. And it is a humid 60’s and to me that makes it even cooler I have two blankets on my side of the bed, ja ja Nancy

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