Recovering our Couch

About a year ago Joe and I purchased a couch in Portoviejo. It needed to be love seat size because our salon is not very wide. It was expensive at over $600 and we had to pay for delivery as well.  After just a few short months the leather type material started to flake off.  We would find it clinging to our arms, legs and clothing as well as all over the floors in the house. What a pain!

IMG_3000It really looked crappy and covering it with a throw made it even crappier.  I remembered that Patricia McKinsey had introduced me to a man in Charapoto that recovered the cushions from her patio. I had my neighbor and friend Helena Zambrano, David’s wife, take me over to help with the translation and to pick out the new covering.  He agreed to recover the couch for $250. and would be completed by August 15th.  Today it was delivered way early and we have our couch back and it is beautiful and it is RED.

IMG_3018What a professional job.

11 thoughts on “Recovering our Couch

    • Hi Gina, Did not have that choice when we bought it, so when given the choice for recovering, I had to take red…it really looks good. Nancy

  1. Nancy the same thing happened to us with a brown vinyl
    lazy boy chair. It literally flaked away. It must have to do with living in the tropics. We bought the chair in a second hand store, had it recovered with fabric, then eventually gave it away.
    Your couch is beautiful and they did a perfect job. Hope it lasts a long,long time.

    • Deb, thanks we hope it last a little longer than the original, ja ja But it does look great in the room, the dark brown just made the room look so much smaller than it is,,,,and the room is not very wide…Nancy

  2. We live in Vancouver, BC and our brown leather chairs are doing that. Apparently it is bonded leather and that is why it flakes. Our son’s couch is doing the same thing. I think it would cost more than the chairs are worth up here to get them recovered. Lovely job and the color is fab!

    • Hi, I know to have this recovered in the US would have been much more money. The frame was in perfect condition, pretty well made so we decided to just recover, I felt if it was under $300 is was worth doing, so when he said $250 and he would buy the material I was over the moon happy. Now we will see how long the new cover lasts…thanks for your comment, I know I really love red also…N

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