Joe and I are feeling the call to more adventures. Itchy feet as our one friend calls it. We have decided to leave Ecuador for other travels in South America.

Ecuador has been a wonderful home since 2009. If you go back through my posts you will see just how much we have learned, enjoyed and expanded our horizons by being in this country.  We have met great people (you know who you are), visited and lived in different areas and have spent many hours just sitting on the beach living the good life.

As to where next, well we don’t know yet.  Those of you who’ve been following the blog from the beginning will remember that I wrote a bit about our time in Panama. Now it’s Ecuador. Stay tuned to see where our next stop will be.

When Joe and I were first thinking of moving out of the US, back in Kennesaw GA a dozen years ago, we found an article on living outside the US. Doing some research we found a lot of info on being a tourist but not much on health care, grocery shopping and the like.  Then we found some of the cruiser sites (for the uninitiated like us, these are people who live and travel around the world in sailboats). These were practical sites with info we could use.  Pictures of fruit and vegetable stands instead of museums, prices for haircuts and doctor visits.  We wound up on a blog by a couple on a sailboat and the quote under the title said it all – “Our Fifteen Year Journey to say Goodbye to the World” Wow.  What if we had fifteen years, what to do – where to go.  We don’t travel well. Joe dislikes planes and I don’t care for hotels for too long.  So we decided – what if our traveling was to move somewhere for a few years.  Every trip to shop is an adventure – so it was to be 5 places for 3 years each or 3 places for 5 years each.  Well it’s been about 10 years since then and we’ve been 2 places so far, and they’ve been just spectacular, each in their own way and for different reasons. And all of these amazing adventures will stay in our hearts forever, as they have changed us forever and in very good ways.  But it’s time. It’s time.

Ecuador you will be missed. Stay tuned……

17 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Nan and Joe, I think you have a delightful spirit of adventure and I look forward to more blogs from you. What an interesting life you lead and just think of all the new sights and experiences lie before you. You both make friends easily, so you will be well received wherever life leads you. You are an inspiration. Blessings, Patricia

    • Hi Patricia, thanks so much for your kind words. We are looking forward to yet another adventure and meeting lovely folks just like you at our next stop. Be well, Nancy and Joe

  2. Oh Wow! I never thought you would leave Ecuador. I look forward to seeing where your lives will take you. Know that the friends you have made are not all in Ecuador. Penny and I wish you well. Stay safe, travel well, and have the best times ever! (((muchos abrazos)))

    • Marilee and Penny, thanks for your well wishes, I will continue with the blog so you will be able to follow our journey, Be well, Nancy and Joe

  3. Wow! I am so excited for you. We feel the same way..our gypsytoes are itching to move. But, right now, we are compromising and keeping our place in Nicaragua, while traveling more during the worst months in Nicaragua. We plan on renting a little place in Mexico for a few months next year. We wish you the best on your new adventures and we will stay tuned.

    • Hi Deb and Ron, I have been watching your travels and hope your time in Mexico is wonderful. Thanks for keeping up with us, Nancy and Joe

  4. Nancy, I am so glad that Chuck and I got to meet and know you and Joe. I am sure wonderful adventures await you two. We will be watching for your posts in your new paradise. Please accept our love to take with you as you continue your journey.

    • Hi Nancy and Chuck, thank you for such kind beautiful words. We know you have traveled to Uruguay and would appreciate any “words of wisdom” that you want to share with us. I saw that you will be off to China for another adventure of your own, Happy Travels, Nancy and Joe

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