A Whirlwind of Activity on our Home For Sale

san-clemente-3-24-2013-028It has been a very long several days since we made the announcement that we were leaving Ecuador and moving to Uruguay.  Between working on a write-up for the sale of our home as well as taking and reviewing the pictures so the place would show at its best, Joe and I are exhausted.  So many details to go over, where to advertise, which realtors to contact, so many questions to ask, what is a realtor looking for here, we know the process in the US but we have never sold a property outside of the US.

Now we are getting inquiries and questions from folks looking for a nice beach home and we are so excited about the response. That is great news, now to find just the right people to make this place their home… I know you are out there, looking for just the perfect place to call home.

If you have not seen the YouTube post please take a look:

or view my actual blog post at


Thanks to all our friends that have re-posted our original blog post, you are the best!!!!!

We would love to hear what you think.


6 thoughts on “A Whirlwind of Activity on our Home For Sale

    • Hi Deb, thanks for the great comment. We are going to make our way through all the South American countries, just kidding. Many things in our research made Uruguay a good destination, we will let you know what we find when we get there. You are always welcome to come visit us when we get settled. Say some prayers that we can sell so we can start the new adventure, Be well, say hi to Ron. Nancy and Joe

    • Hi William, well from what we have read most of the people are immigrants from Europe so we expect to find Italian, Irish, German, French a wonderful variety of people. We will let you know what we find when we get there. Say a prayer, if you pray, that we can sell and get our new adventure started. Be well, Nancy and Joe

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