Life is Short


Here is the YouTube link for our beach home:

2 thoughts on “Life is Short

    • Itchy feet. We have been married for 42 years, in the US we lived in 20 different homes, our families would call us Gypsies…So that will get you up to speed on how we lived all around the East Coast of the US. We do not travel well, Joe hates to fly, did way to much of that when he was working so to get him on a flight is very difficult. I dislike living in a hotel, out of a suitcase, so we travel better picking a destination and renting a place and living there for a while. Our first move from the US was to Panama, we lived in Dolega for 3 1/2 years but yearned for a beach town. We left and moved to Ecuador, living in Puerto Lopez for a very short period of time, no rentals when we were there, so we then went to Salinas stayed there looking for a home for around 15 months no homes we could afford, then off to Playas for another 10 months looking for a reasonable home then we found this home in San Clemente and have been here for over 5 years….now our feet are really starting to get itchy. Joe will be 67 and I will be 65 if we are going to do any more adventuring it needs to be now….We love San Clemente and it is going to be very difficult leaving all of these great people locals as well as Expats when that day comes…..thanks for your question, Nancy

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