Thank You Ecuador, Hello Uruguay

It has been an amazing seven years. We have lived in several different cities and visited many more in our time in Ecuador.

We are sad in many ways in leaving Ecuador and excited in many ways for yet another adventure. It was a difficult decision to make the move, leaving behind many great friends, but we have all those wonderful memories.

Our new adventure started on January 17th, saying good-bye to our neighbors and neighborhood and making our journey to Guayaquil.  The next morning we traveled by Latam from Guayaquil to Santiago, Chile and then on to Montevideo, Uruguay.

It was a very easy trip with overnight hotel stays both in Guayaquil and Chile. We made it and arrived at our new apartment on January 20th.

montevideo-1-20-13The apartment located on 26 de Marzo has a beautiful view of the water.  Small and compact it will be a breeze to keep clean.montevideo-1-20-2montevideo-1-20-3montevideo-1-20-4montevideo-1-20-6montevideo-1-20-7montevideo-1-20-8montevideo-1-20-9montevideo-1-20-10montevideo-1-20-11Montevideo is a big city with much to see and do.  I will be posting as we travel around the area looking for our more permanent home. We are now in the Buceo, or Nuevo Pocitos, area of Montevideo and enjoying it – we are right by their World Trade Center, Buceo Yacht Club and Montevideo Shopping Mall.




27 thoughts on “Thank You Ecuador, Hello Uruguay

    • Hi Marilee, first Happy New Year to you and Penny. Been watching your posts, you seem to be burning the competition with your sales. Good luck to you. Montevideo is a big change, weather, people, big city…very different from San Clemente but always good to have some changes in your life. I think it keeps you young…I know trying to learn so many new words, how things are pronounced and traveling in a new country surely keeps the brain working. be well, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi, How are you both doing? We attempted to move about 12 boxes but the cost was outrageous so we sold everything except 4 suitcases, a backpack and a carry-on. We did go over the weight but we gladly paid a few hundred. Good thing we did not bring the kitchen stuff, the electricity here is all 220. Some things work okay, like our computers we just needed a small adapter for the plugs, but the big appliances like my Kitchen Aid mixer would not have worked here. Well maybe it would have worked but not for long, ha ha. So we start again. What are your plans for visiting Uruguay? We do not know where we will be living, probably not in Montevideo. Keep in touch, Nancy and Joe

      • Nan, we aren’t sure yet. But, this year we committed to traveling 6 mo. of the year. We are heading to Cuba, Mexico, and Yosemite for 2 1/2 months. March-May. Then we are thinking of going to S. America in Sept. or October. We haven’t decided yet, but we’ve never been to Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, or Chile. So it will be one or a couple of those countries.

        • Good for you both. As I said to my other friend “Now is the Time”. We are getting older and traveling will become difficult so we are doing it now. Enjoy.

  1. Good luck to you andJoe. I am looking forward to sharing your adventure .So glad everything worked out so well for you.Maryanne

    • Hi Girlfriend, Thanks for your well wishes. It is like starting all over again, almost new language, new food, new people, but we are up for it now who knows in a few years we may not be moving around as well. SO now is the time…Nancy and Joe

        • Lisa that is so true. I have told Joe that while I struggle to find the Spanish word for things, it is also working the heck out of these old brain cells. Funny but some days I struggle to find the English word as the Spanish one is right there but the English one evades me. Feeling very blessed to have such an opportunity to travel, see different cultures, meeting new people, visiting beautiful buildings, magnificent monuments and statues, what a thrill for both of us to be healthy enough to see such wonderful things. God has blessed us abundantly and we thank him for his gifts to us everyday, Nancy

          • Exactly; by knowing and immersed in new cultures, we give our entire souls/spirits/bodies a good workout. It’s interesting, but many times when I finally stop for the day and aam about to eat, I gaze at my food and feel so grateful there is food on my table.. of course I extend that thanks skyward… there are so many who have so much less… Yes, we are blessed.

  2. Wow! Looks beautiful! I loved your perspective as you were discovering Ecuador, so I look forward to reading about your new adventures. So happy for you two. (Miss you already though. And we hadn’t even gotten to live in Ecuador!)

  3. Hello friends , this is Adam and CC Adler.
    Enjoy it your new journey and all the best for you guys. We are plan our retirement on Playas soon. How was Ecuador, please let us know .

    • Hi Adam and CC, We loved Ecuador. If you read the blog it started when we arrived in Quito and for 7 years we had great fun, many adventures and made wonderful friends. Just looking to do more traveling before we become to old. Nancy and Joe PS Let us know how your move goes to Playas. I know it has grown so much since we were there over 4 years ago. You will make it your own adventure and paradise I am sure.

  4. I am happy to see that you made it to Uruguay and getting settled. Keep me posted on what’s going on in your life and I will try to keep you up to date with the news from San Clemente.

  5. You know Mary and I were praying for you and Joe to have a safe journey and to get settled without too much turmoil. Souinds like that worked out. We miss you here in San Clemente, but know that you are doing what is best for you two.

    You mention the difference in language. Is the Spanish that much different? I know Brazilians speak Portuguese, maybe there is some of that influence with them being so close? Anyway, have fun and stay safe. Love you both – JandM

    • Hi Mary and John, Like I said in my last email we are doing well. The language is not different the Uruguayans just pronounce things different, for example the double L the we would pronounce YA or J is pronounced SH sound…Just different and something to get used to. Thanks for following us, we are having fun. Nancy and Joe

    • Hey Ana, all is well. Moving one step ahead each day. Having a ball in the big city. walked about 2 hours today, all around the one beach, and back through some very pretty neighborhoods. The one house is the British Embassy…pretty nice…Take care, Hi to Steve, Nancy and Joe

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