Oh BOY! Salmon

A quick walk from our apartment we come to the port in Buceo, Montevideo. At the port there are several fishmongers, a small fruit and vegetable stand, a trinket shop as well as El Italian Restaurant.  Our first visit I saw the most beautiful salmon filet that looked fresh and I HAD TO HAVE IT.

montevideo-1-22-1The small fruit and veggie stand had some very nice green beans so that is what I bought to have with the salmon.

montevideo-1-22-5Most things here are sold by the kilo and that was not a problem with me because I was open for fresh fish for a few days in a row.

montevideo-1-22-8For lunch that day I made it with this outrageous Asian sauce.  It had soy sauce, fresh grated ginger, garlic, a few slices of hot red pepper for a nice punch, honey (sorry I miss Eva Honey, Eva is our neighbor in San Clemente and that is the most flavorful honey I have ever had) a grind of salt and a bit of pepper.  Heat that in a small sauce pan and top your sautéed salmon with it.  YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY

So we had two nice pieces for our next lunch, yes I can eat fish every day of the week.

montevideo-1-23-2I served the same sauce but a bit more ja ja as I love the sauce as much as the fish.  And I served it with a fresh salad and even added peach slices to the salad and made a yogurt dressing with a bit of honey and herbs and spice.

Well the salmon was a huge success and we will have it again very soon. One problem we really need to try more of the local fish as well. So we will see what I pick next.

PS I know this is farm raised in Chile. I know all about the antibiotics but honestly we just had to have it.  We will not be eating it every day so once in awhile I will take the plunge and have salmon….

5 thoughts on “Oh BOY! Salmon

  1. Nancy ,thanks for sharing- Please give us an idea of cost basis in Uruguay-as regards to housing & apartment rental, Utilities,Food, groceries,restaurants etc if you do not mind -I am just curious-All the best–Yusuf

    • Yusuf, We are only here two weeks, not sure I have a good enough grasp on the conversion Uruguay Peso to US Dollar at this point. Give me a little time to visit more stores, daily markets and such and I will be better able to speak on prices and comparisons. We will start to look for house rentals for an annual term in the next several weeks, this will give us a better understanding of prices up the coast. Hope all is well with you, Nancy and Joe

      • thanks-I will wait–I am Ok–My apts are getting repaired in Manta so I could not visit this winter – I will visit in August and try to get rid of one–May be from now on visit one country at a time and not bother to buy ! all the best–Yusuf

  2. You both seem off to a great start in your new country. We will enjoy reading all of your posts about your new experiences. Nice write up.

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