Sunday Market or Feria

Early Sunday morning Joe and I headed out for our daily walk. Joe had several places in mind for us to at least walk by if not visit.  One was the planetarium another the zoo and the third was……..  But instead we got totally side-tracked as we discovered a Sunday Market about five blocks from our apartment.

montevideo-2-4-23The vendors block off the several streets and set up their tents, some even come with what looks like a food truck that opens to show cold cases for cheese, meat and fish.montevideo-2-4-24The first thing that caught my eye was the flowers, but I only picked up one plant and that was thyme.  And it joined my other herb basil on the washing machine in our laundry room.montevideo-2-4-25We figured a tray of 30 large eggs would cost $3.00 and they even had one man selling household products, cleaning, TP, paper towels.  montevideo-2-4-26There were several vendors set up selling cheese, pork, chicken, beef and even fish.montevideo-2-4-27 montevideo-2-4-28The fruits and vegetables looked fresh but we had just gone shopping on Friday and our refrigerator was filled with everything we needed for the week. I have not had the time to check prices but I am sure this Sunday Market is cheaper than Tienda Inglesa.montevideo-2-4-29Grapes run $1.42 per kilo, that is cheap cheap cheap.  They are grown here so maybe that is why they are so inexpensive. Next Sunday these will be on my shopping list.montevideo-2-4-30Everything is marked so you know what you’re spending.montevideo-2-4-31I just could not resist the strawberries, they are one of my favorites.  They were small with a hint of tartness. Just perfect to eat with sugar and cream, and that is just what I did.montevideo-2-4-32$1.60 a kilo for peaches. That works out to about 72 cents a pound.montevideo-2-4-33 montevideo-2-4-34 montevideo-2-4-35 montevideo-2-4-36This stand was selling all different dried herbs and even had nutmeg nuts in this bowl above.  Need to spend some time finding out what these are but I did buy some of the adobo which I knew had red pepper flakes and seeds in it.  I have used it on several things and it does pack a punch.montevideo-2-4-37 montevideo-2-4-38This will be our Sunday morning ritual.  Buying fresh fruits and veggies five blocks from the house.  Now all we need is one of those Old Lady Carts, yes, I am prepared to drag it around. ha ha

16 thoughts on “Sunday Market or Feria

  1. Oh, I used to use nutmeg nuts and had an antique grater with a little place on the end that held about 4 nuts. Fresh grated nutmeg was awesome.

    • Lyndell, I had someone bring them for me from the states and I passed them on to Mary MacDonald when I left. You can buy them in the supermarket here along with vanilla beans and saffron things I really love to cook with. Thanks for following our adventure. Hope you and Ken are doing great. Love Nancy and Joe

      • Wow, everything looks great. I love outdoor markets. What currency do they use ? Seeing signs with prices does that mean no-one barters on price for anything ?

        • Hi Guys, The currency is the Uruguay Peso but many places will take US Dollars without a problem. No sorry No negotiating for a better price, at least I did not try. I like the idea that the price is posted. I would imagine for most things at this market at the end of the day you could get it cheaper, they normally are open 8:30 to around 2….So you don’t need to be there at the crack of dawn. ja ja

    • Barbara, it is different. And we do love an adventure. The cheese is wonderful but wait until you see the salami, the breads etc. We are going for pizza (fugazzeta) for lunch today and I will take pictures as they make a type of flat bread called fiana it is made from chickpea flour. Sounds wonderful. Nancy

    • Hi Joe, We are really not sure after only being here for a bit over 2 weeks. Some food items are more expensive, some less. Like beef, I could buy tenderloin direct from a farmer in San Clemente for $3.50 per pound but in the supermarket there it would be over $9. Here beef is KING, and I bought a pound of tenderloin for 280.20 pesos which is around $10 per pound. Eating out is more expensive, no $3 set lunches, most lunches are executive type lunches with a main course (steak, chicken, fish with a great sauce), bread, choice of sides (rice, salad, potatoes) a drink (soda, juice, water) and dessert around $10 -12 to as low as $7. Full first rate meal. We are renting a furnished apartment in a very nice building near the World Trade Center in Buceo. It is a short term rental of only 3 months and is costing us $1,400 per month. It includes electric, water and internet. But it is in season and the place is lovely. Not sure what she would charge for an annual lease. Hope that helps, I will be posting more pictures showing prices of items. The exchange rate is .28 right now. Weather is cool, low humidity, windy some days, big winds that take branches down from trees. The sun is hot as there is a hole in the ozone right above Uruguay, sunblock is recommended. It will be cold in the winter, houses are not well insulated, no central heat – you heat your house with a fireplace and wood. No snow, but it will get mighty cold we have been told. Nancy

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