Look At This Lunch Meat

I am not sure how the Uruguayan people would take me calling this lunch meat, but that is what it resembles to me.

Joe did a great deal of research before we moved here, we saw videos, had slide-shows and generally discussed Uruguayan customs, foods, housing, language, futbal and of course its people.

One major discussion item was food. I love to cook, I love to bake and we both love to eat, so many of our after dinner slide-shows included food.

montevideo-2-3-2Matambre is a rolled stuffed beef dish made here in Uruguay as well as Argentina.   We have seen it for sale in the local supermarket and decided to try it.

montevideo-2-3-3The bread is Pan de Campo or country bread. It was a huge round loaf and this sandwich is only half a slice of bread. I am not sure what the Uruguayans would use on the sandwich but I added leaf lettuce and mayo.  It went over very well.  I would buy it again. Yum!

6 thoughts on “Look At This Lunch Meat

    • Hi Rosemary, We are not very good travelers. Taking a vacation is not something either Joe or I really enjoy. Joe hates airports and flying and I hate living out of a suitcase in a hotel. We have moved many times in our married life most in the Southeast US but back in 2006 we moved to Panama, site unseen. Loved it, made lifetime friends but yearned for a beach. So in 2009 we moved to Ecuador and spent the past 7 years in several different cities including Puerto Lopez, Salinas, Playas and our longest time in San Clemente. We loved each town for its uniqueness but yearned to see more of South America. We are getting up in years, Joe just turned 67 and I am 65, we felt if we did not make the move now we would be too old or someone would get too sick to make another move. So another adventure begins. We are missing our friends and what we consider family in San Clemente but the call to roam and see new things has always been strong in both of us. Thanks for the interest. We still own a home in San Clemente, by the way it is for sale and keep in touch with many of our friends almost daily. Nancy and Joe

    • Thanks John and Mary. Sort of reminded me of Pickle Loaf or Olive Loaf both of which I would not eat. This was good. I would like to get it from a restaurant instead of the supermarket and see how that tastes. We are having fun. Hope you both are well. Please have Mary email me and let me know how she is doing with her recovery…blessings to you both, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi, we are going to the mutualista Asociación Española next week and I will let you know. Cost will be under $200 covering both Joe and I. Basic coverage $72 plus there are optional service that we will find out about. They have clinics all over the country. We are going either Tuesday or Wednesday next week to sign up. When we do I will let you know. Nancy

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