Alfajores – A National Obsession?

We read so much about the infamous alfajor that the first day we were in town we were in a small market store (called an almacen here) and asked the young woman behind the counter, which is your favorite?…she was kind of shy and I guess I was kind of forward but she went over and pointed to two. Standing at the counter checking out was a beautiful young woman and Joe saw that she was dying to add her choices, so we asked her and she gave us two more to try.  Honestly every one we have tried, and I will tell you we have tried many, were wonderful. The supermarket has an entire section filled from top to bottom with all different types. You can buy them in a box, not sure how many to a box but I had to have great willpower to keep from buying an entire box. Walk away Nancy, walk away.

They are sort of similar to a Moon Pie when you look at them, but that is where the similarity ends.  Inside you are hit in the face with the most delicate caramel (dulce de leche) – it is not what I have had in the past, Uruguayan dulce de leche is lighter, less sweet and soft. The base is either two crunchy cookies or a soft and chewy cake to hold it all together…Most are covered in some type of good quality chocolate could be milk could be dark, some have a topping of coconut, some have a mousse filling along with the dulce de leche. And I know we will be adding new ones to our “we need more” list.  Below are just a few of the empty wrappers.  YES, YES, YES, they were all wonderful…My favorite of these was the Coco Late and the Mousse…but that could change with the next selection, hee hee

montevideo-2-9-17The confiteria (pastry shops) are up another level when it comes to alfajores.  I am sad to say that they do not last very long once we bring them into the apartment and as of now I do not have pictures to show you.  But when I say they up their game to another level entirely, I am not pulling your leg. Some are wrapped with a coating of coconut around the edges, while others have chopped almonds.  Some have a heart-shaped cut out in the center filled with a cherry or strawberry gel. Others have a macaroon topping that is slightly charred. They make them in bite sized little treats up to a full-sized and bigger beauty that Joe and I must share.  Actually every one of these pastries we cut in half and share with our mid-day meal. And not every day or I would be the size of a house in a few months.


The above are just from one store in the Punta Carretas Shopping mall.

They can be addictive.

5 thoughts on “Alfajores – A National Obsession?

  1. Oh my goodness they look good. One of the things we have been missing along the coast in the smaller towns here is a good bakery. The old one in Charapoto was good, but has been closed for some time. There is a new bakery in town here that seems to make sweeter more moist cakes with icing. So far they are proving up to be the best. But, still, nothing like the selection you show. We are so glad you guys are enjoying the move so far. Have a great day! JandM

    • Hey John and Mary, I know the place you are talking about in Sc…near to the church, right? I stopped there several times when I would walk and get their rolls, very nice and cooked through. I hate when the centers are still a bit gloppy… Mary how are you feeling? Send me an email to catch up. N and J

  2. Moonpies? They look just like double decker moon pies I grew up on in the South! I get the obsession- I love moonpies too.

    • Liz, they are totally addictive, this caramel (dulce de leche) that they use here is outrageous. Then the other day I found others called Yo-Yo two cookies, center of dulce de leche, top cookie coated in a good chocolate…honestly I will need to stop thinking about them. Must stay away from all of them or I will have a real problem…they could turn into an obsession. ha ha

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