My Little Garden

Okay, I know I am in an apartment on the 9th floor but I just cannot live anywhere without having a herb garden. So our apartment for three months in Montevideo is no different from any other home we have had.

3-1-2017-montevideo-9 From left to right: thyme, basil, sage and mint.  What I really want is cilantro as I miss that so much and of course oregano. I have figured out buying the live plants is so much more economical than buying fresh-cut herbs each week.  And picking from the plant well you can’t get much fresher.

Joe has found two spice stores for me one is only about five blocks from the apartment.  They even sell vanilla pods, what a find.  I will need to stock up on those for sure.

I am having a grand time cooking with all the spices and herbs I have available to me.

3 thoughts on “My Little Garden

  1. How fortunate you have access to all those herbs and spices now! I guess I don’t need to ask about sending you a ‘care package’ LOL. I hope you and Joe are really enjoying Uruguay. What an exciting new chapter for you both!


    • Marilee, been overwhelmed with what we can buy here. I am not sure my garden will be okay when we get home. I expected to leave here tomorrow but it looks like we will stay until Monday and then head back to Montevideo. I put the plants in the sink with a little water but that was Monday morning…they are in small pots so not sure they will make it until Monday,,,Nancy

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