Fainá – Chickpea Flatbread

montevideo-2-7-28Another wonderful FOOD FIND…Fainá. It is chickpea flatbread prepared here in Uruguay.  We walked across the street to the Tres Fuegos Restaurant for a quiet lunch early one afternoon and ordered Muzzarella and Fainá.  The Fainá is thin, light and delicious. Some restaurants even top their pizza with it.  Not sure if we will try that. But alone it is wonderful. The muzzarella was a type of pizza made with a sweet tomato sauce topped with a ton of mozzarella cheese. FYI pizza does not come automatically with cheese here.

I may have to try the fainá at home….really good.

4 thoughts on “Fainá – Chickpea Flatbread

    • Wish I could take credit for the Faina but I have not attempted it yet. But as to other posts I do love to cook and bake and living without prepackaged items has made me a better cook, cooking from scratch and cooking with fresh ingredients has definitely changed how we view food and eat. I still have a sweet tooth but even that is changing the longer we are away from the prepackaged items. Thanks, Nancy

    • I am sure I will try to make it but not until we are settled a bit more. I think it would make a great wheat free pizza base…So I am going to try to work on that first…love pizza just hate using wheat flour for things like that. Nancy

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