Rudy The Burger House, Montevideo Uruguay

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You must taste the burgers at Rudy’s. Located on Av 26 de Marzo here in Montevideo.  Oh MY Oh MY.  First the restaurant located almost next door to the apartment we rented for the past 3 months. The burgers we had were nothing short of fabulous. The meat was excellent, juicy is not the word for this burger, maybe super juicy would be better.  We ordered the burgers jugoso which mean juicy but it actually is rare but not bloody red, just very juicy and dripping flavor. By the way, the server told us they make their own hamburg rolls as well.

It is a cute place with out front seating on a patio overlooking the sidewalk and road, inside seating in several different rooms as well as a patio out back that is walled and super private.  Our first visit we opted for the patio in the back and it was cozy, private and perfect for our lunch date.

The menu is burgers and fries. We wanted the cheeseburgers with all the trimmings and rustic fries.

Excellent.  We went back several more times before we moved and each time I brought the camera and the battery was dead. Guess I need a new camera.

If you are visiting Montevideo you MUST make a trip to Rudy. The best burger we have ever had. The beef here in Uruguay is outstanding and these folks know how to do it right. The only thing they do is burgers…..out of this world delicious.

2 thoughts on “Rudy The Burger House, Montevideo Uruguay

    • Hi John and Mary, The fries are the thicker cut fries, maybe you call them plank fries. The money is in Peso’s so you divide the number by 29 or 28 and get the amount. Cheeseburger was $7.50 US. Actually you could share it was that big, but I must tell you that Joe and I DID NOT share. But when we go out to dinner or lunch here we now order one meal and share. Today for lunch we went to Don Vito’s and got a steak, it came with a baked white potato, a baked orange sweet potato, a roasted red pepper as well as rolls and a condiment tray which had chimichurri (sp), an assorted chopped up pickled veggies and a mayo spread that we actually used on our baked potato. We ordered a water con gas and the total bill including a 10% tip was 534 pesos or $19. The steak is called Bife Ancho…do not know what the cut would be in the US, it could be sirloin, at least that is what it looked like to me. It was good this is the second Sunday we had it for lunch, so much food we don’t have anything for dinner.

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