Thatched Roofs

I had never seen a thatched roof in person before and never expected to find them here in Uruguay.  But there are several homes in our immediate neighborhood with traditional thatched roofs. Seems that they are great for keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  I guess for me having a fireplace and a thatched roof seems to be a big conflict.The look is very beautiful until the thatch starts to grow moss and ferns like the one above.  Then it is not really appealing to me.

It looks just like a little hobbit house, all it needs is a round door and some round windows. While out for our walk today we saw these two guys re-thatching this one roof. Actually this house is for sale by the realtor who found us our rental. Joe read somewhere that the thatch lasts around 14 years and I cannot remember the cost but it was not cheap and takes several weeks work.

6 thoughts on “Thatched Roofs

  1. When I was young I remember going to the fields with my grandfather to quick hay to give the workers thatching a roof on a pump house where my grandfather worked. It was really cool to see them in your area. Hope all is well. Hugs.

    • Hi Lyndell, It was a surprise to walk around the corner and see a thatched roof on a house. Honestly I had only seen them in pictures so it was fun to see up close. Then to walk by the same house a few days later watching them do the thatching was special. A lost art for sure. How are you and Ken doing?

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