Weather in Atlantida

We have only been in our home two weeks today so I can only give you my impression of the fall weather in that time period.  It is cold! The house gets so cold at night and there is no central heat just a fireplace which we do not even have wood for at this point. During the day, if the sun is shining it is absolutely beautiful, clear skies, crisp air but hot sun to compensate.  You must start your day layered with cool clothing underneath and top with sweaters or fleece vests and a good jacket.  I have already worn my wool cap as well as my down filled jacket but within a few hours needed to strip down to those lighter things underneath. We have had one day of gloomy weather with rain showers and that makes everything seem even colder.

Some of the trees are turning yellow and dropping their leaves and the parrots are making nests in every tree in the area getting ready for winter.  They must eat the seed pods of the pine cones as there are cones all over the street and yards under those trees, with birds in a frenzy of excitement.

Right now is 75 degrees with 62% humidity and 6 mph winds at 2pm. Low for today is 56 high 76. Just a beautiful fall day!

4 thoughts on “Weather in Atlantida

  1. You will experience actual winter for the 1st time in a long time. Is gas/propane cheap? Electricity? Friends in Mx run an infrared gas heater when chilly. RV’s use them. Then there are more efficient heat dispersal systems for your fireplace. Can you burn coal? Best of luck. The journey continues.

    • Hi David, It has been many years since we experienced winter, our last home in the US was 2006 outside of Atlanta GA. It got cold and even snowed on occasion. But we had central a/c heat so we were comfy. I have not purchased gas yet but what I have been told it is $20 US for a canister like we had in the states for a gas BBQ, we were paying that much back in 2006 in the US, in Ecuador the gas was subsidized by the government and it was $2.50 a can about 1 1/2 times the size of the BBQ can. Electricity is expensive, again we have not gotten our first bill as our apartment in Montevideo the rent covered all utilities. I would like to know a bit more about the infrared gas heater? There is an old gas looks like propane heater that came with the house, not sure it even works. But I have seen them in the appliance store, which I seen to frequent almost every other day, ha ha Joe has read about a fireplace system but we have not looked into it yet. No, I have not seen coal here or heard of anyone using it. Today they are delivering wood, then we will see how good Joe is a making a fire. We did have fireplaces in other houses in the US but they came with a gas starter, sort of like cheating, here no cheating, ha ha Thanks for your comments, N and J

    • Hi Janet, Yes, this is the new neighborhood. Uruguay is more prosperous than Ecuador so housing is one big step up from what we saw in Ecuador. Plus that is necessary as the weather is more like the Carolina’s with hot summers and COLD winters, no snow or sleet but it has been know to get down in the 30’s. We are gearing up for the cooler weather, for the past 10 years I have not owned a pair of covered shoes except for sneakers so we are buying boots, vests and heavy coats, hats and even gloves… Most of Uruguay was inhabitant by folks from Europe so you see a huge influence in the buildings, food etc. We have met folks from Germany and Italy but no one is native Uruguayan it seems. There was a big push to bring immigrants to this county back in the late 1800’s. So it is a mixed bag of people similar to the US. Always learning something new. Keeps the mind active, hope all is well with you. It is Spring in PA so you should be super happy. Nancy and Joe

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